The new C Saxophone from   Aquilasax    - 2007 !

Latest Pictures !

(Note :  shown here with both necks, by default only the curved neck will be supplied - straight neck available at extra charge, see below)




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   A new Aquilasax C tenor will be produced this year - 2007


It will be a narrow bore, as usual, with a completely modern ergonomic key-work design, going to high F#.   It will have a curved neck as standard with a straight neck option (shown).   Adjustable thumb hook and balanced hook ring.   It will be available in a range of finishes including gold lacquer, nickel, black and silver. (picture of a silver option)   Plain or engraved.   Engraving is by hand and will have an avian theme.   Gold lacquered model should cost $700.00, silver plating cost is unknown at this point.   Engraving may incur additional cost.

They are being produced in China and will represent the best quality for the best price.  These are not student horns.   The body is slightly longer to allow for the high F# tone hole.   The production model will have some slight modifications to the key positions   The picture on the right shows an original  1920's Conn C Melody saxophone and the 2007 Aquilasax C Sax    ( right >> )


If you are interested, please  email Steve  with the subject line, "new C sax wanted", you will be sent major updates on progress of this exciting venture.     



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The new C sax will have comfortable modern ergonomic key work with a light left hand pinky cluster.   C# is slaved to all pinky keys. Keyed to High F#.   
The neck strap hook ring is on balance so it won’t take out your teeth when you relax.
  A curved tenor style neck will be standard with an option of a straight alto style neck. Both will have underslung octave levers with the vent hole retained at the top.

Steve is planning to include his Classic mpc unless specified, his operation is still very much hands on and customer service is his aim.  I understand he's supplying the new C in a foam and fabric case. Tough enough for rough handling and lighter than wood for lower shipping charges/gig cartage

The left hand thumb button will be wider than vintage with an inset of genuine New Zealand Paua shell.   They will be available in Gold lacquer, Nickel silver,
black nickel or silver plate.   Production has been pencilled in for June so it's
expect to have them ready (and play tested) in July .   They will be shipped direct to customers for about $85.00 - and the base model, (gold lacquer) will sell for $700.00 with a curved neck and no engraving.


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          Click here for a review of an  Aquilasax alto with sounds !

4th Oct 2006 - Signed a contract for 100 new C saxes and tested prototype straight neck replacement for Conns.
7th Dec2006 - Body tube and bell done. Key-work next!
19th March 2007 - first prototype ready for testing!
23rd March 2007 - Tested for intonation and made reccomendations for more comfortable key-work placement. Production pencilled in for June!

May 23rd 100 bodies and bells have been made. Keywork and finishing next. Ahead of schedule!


( Latest !) 6th July, All 100 new C saxophone parts have been made but not assembled yet. I confirmed the engraving and finish combinations and they will begin plating and assembling this week.
As it will take 2 or 3 weeks to finish, it looks like they will not be ready for sale until August.   Not long to go now!



Steve's latest status email to potential purchasers contained the following :

Hi fellow C sax lovers,
The production began in June and they currently have completed all the parts but have not yet assembled any as they were waiting for confirmation from me on the finishing details and engraving style.   I expect to have them ready (play tested) in August.
They will be shipped direct to customers for about $85.00 and the base model, (gold lacquer) will sell for $700.00 with a curved neck and no engraving.
Due to the depreciation of the US dollar, the cost of the saxes has risen but I have decided to keep the base price of $700 for the basic Gold lacquered model with curved neck and charge extra for the additional options.  Straight neck option will cost $90.00 more.
Engraving will cost $20.00 extra.    Nickel and black will cost $20.00 more and silver plate will be $30.00 extra.
The factory is very busy and so it will be another few weeks before they are ready for sale.  I should have the new shopping cart running by then.
A side note: I tested a couple of mouthpieces for a C Soprano and found the Soprano Metalpro I had in stock had nice tone and great intonation.  Getting some more in soon!